In 1987, I got my first electric guitar, it was a Series A. it was a Jackson copy.

Two months later i was starting a band ! My best friend got himself a Series A bass, black precision copy. We were in heaven !!!

It is really hard to find information about it, so i decided to create a blog about those guitars. My goal is to find more informations about the history of those guitars.

The only thing that I know is that it was distributed by Kief Music LTD in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Some say that it was made in Korea.

The blog is here to share informations about those instruments, so, if you have any information, please feel free to share it with us !!!!




mercredi 4 juillet 2012


  1. So,
    after research, there was guitar copy for

    Jackson Dinky
    jackson Soloist
    Fender Stratocaster
    Fender Bullet One

    Gibson Les Paul
    Gibson Flying V
    Gibson Explorer
    Gibson 335
    BC Rich Warlock

    and bass copy for

    Fender Precision
    Fender Precision Special
    Jackson Concert
    and Bass strings ....

Rainbow Music Shop

Gilles, from Rainbow Music Shop in Cornwall, Canada wrote me :

I had sold a "tonne" of those (over ten years ago).
They were a private label brand owned by Kief Music, to compete primarily against Samick's and the like back then.
All the ones I carried were made in Korea and, yes, the majority of them were Jackson styles.